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The library is quiet and the only sounds you hear are the rustling of pages and the shuffling of feet several shelves away. You turn left at the bust of a long-dead wizard and you spot Valcav sitting at a table surrounded by books. He smiles and gestures for you to join him. “Those who say knowledge is power have no idea how right they are.” He holds up an ancient manuscript and wipes some of the dust off of it. “Just think of the history and wisdom contained in this single book and then multiply that by the millions of other books all around.” Valcv reaches under the table to produce three items for you with a wink. “But perhaps you’ve come here looking for something more than just knowledge?”

Book Blade

This large red leather bound book has gilded pages. In a whirl of paper, the cover bends back and the pages fold themselves into a sword.

Bounty hunters favor these weapons for their portability and power.


Aura moderate divination and transmutation Price 19,400 gp; Slot none; CL 10th; Weight 8 lbs;


Book blades come in several different varieties and cover different topics. Each one is tied to a single Knowledge skill from the following list; arcana, dungeoneering, local, nature, planes, and religion. Anyone who studies the blade book for 1 hour gains a +2 insight bonus on the book’s associated knowledge skill for 24 hours. Only one reader can gain this magical benefit at a time.

By speaking the command word, a book blade can transform into a +1 wounding greatsword. The transformation process takes one round to complete itself. The knowledge contained within the book also benefits the sword’s wielder in combat. Depending on the knowledge skill associated with the book the wielder gains a +2 bonus on attack and damage rolls when fighting certain creature types. The following chart details how each knowledge type determines which creature types this bonus applies to. This bonus stacks with the ranger’s favored enemy class feature and similar abilities.

Knowledge Skill Creature Type
Arcana Constructs, Dragons, Magical Beasts
Dungeoneering Aberrations, Oozes
Local Humanoids
Nature Animals, Fey, Monstrous Humanoids, Plants, Vermin
Planes Outsiders
Religion Undead


Feats Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Spells know the enemy, masterwork transformation; Cost 9,700 gp


Weapon (greatsword), rare (requires attunement)

A book blade appears as an innocuous but informative book. They come in different varieties and are tied to one of the following intelligence skills Arcana, History, Investigation, Nature, or Religion. You can attune yourself to a book blade by spending 1 hour quietly reading it. Once attuned to it you have advantage on the intelligence skill associated with your book.

You can also transform the book into a deadly weapon by speaking the command word. After one turn the book transforms itself into a greatsword with a blade of magically hardened paper. The paper is so sharp that once you damage someone with it they will continuously take 1 point of additional slashing damage at the beginning of their following turns. This extra damage persists until they receive magical healing.

You also receive a +2 bonus on attack and damage rolls when striking certain creature types. The type of creature this effect is set by the intelligence skill associated with the blade book. The following chart summarizes when this bonus comes into play.

Intelligence Creature Type
Arcana Aberration, Construct, Dragon
History Giant, Humanoid, Monstrosity
Nature Beast, Fey, Ooze, Plant
Religion Celestial, Elemental, Fiend, Undead

Scroll Binding Tome

These magic absorbing books were invented when a wizard accidentally left a partially completed scroll on their spellbook.

This book is lighter than expected and opening it reveals a compartment cut into the middle of its pages.


Aura none (see text) Price 53,400 gp; Slot none; CL 15th; Weight ½ lb.;


A scroll binding tome allows it’s user to postpone the effects of a scroll. When activating a scroll’s spell a user places the scroll inside an open scroll binding tome. The tome slams itself shut and the scroll is absorbed into it. From that point on anyone who opens a loaded scroll binding tome becomes subjected to the effects of that scroll’s spell. For spells with a range of touch or personal the opener of the book becomes the target of the spell. Spells with an area of effect count the tome as the point of origin. Spells with attack rolls are rolled as if they were made by the creator of the scroll. If the spell has no valid targets it is discharged harmlessly. Anyone who opens a scroll binding tome is entitled to an appropriate saving throw even if the effect is harmless.

When a scroll binding book is opened the spell is cast immediately preventing it from being copied or studied. Only one scroll at a time can be placed in the tome and only scrolls with a single spell can be absorbed. An empty scroll binding tome normally displays no magical aura. But when a scroll is absorbed, the tome’s aura changes to match that of the scroll’s spell. Casting erase followed by a targeted dispel magic can remove a scroll from the tome without casting it.


Feats Craft Wondrous Item and Scribe Scroll; Spells absorb rune I, sepia snake sigil; Special creator must have 15 ranks in Spellcraft; Cost 26,700 gp


Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

A tome of spellbinding allows you to partially cast a scroll, delaying its effects until later. When casting a spell from a scroll, you can place it into an open tome and it will snap shut, absorbing the scroll into itself. Anyone who opens the book after this is immediately blasted by the scroll as it finishes casting the spell. The scroll binding tome is considered the point of origin for any area of effect. If the spell’s range is specified as touch, the opener of the book is affected by the spell.

Only a single scroll can be absorbed by the tome at a time. Casting dispel magic on the scroll binding tome can remove a scroll from it without activating the spell.

Librarian Spectacles

Some librarians are able to stop troublemakers with a single look. Others need a little help in order to pull that off.

These half-moon spectacles have thick dark metal rims.


Aura moderate evocation and illusion Price 5,000 gp; Slot eyes; CL 7th; Weight —;


While wearing this pair of glasses the user can project an aura of both knowledge and authority. They gain a +3 circumstance bonus on Intimidate and Linguistics checks.

Three times per day the wearer can strike someone mute with a single stern glare. The target of a glare within 20 feet is entitled to a DC 15 Will to resist this effect. On a failed save the target becomes unable to speak or make any sound with their mouth for 1 hour. A creature unable to speak cannot cast spells with verbal components. A target that succeeds on their save cannot be subject to further attempts to silence them for 24 hours.


Feats Craft Wondrous Item; Spells burning gaze, silence; Special creator must have 5 ranks in Profession (Librarian); Cost 2,500 gp


Wondrous item, very rare

As long as you wear this pair of glasses people find you both very bright and very frightening. You also have advantage on Intelligence (Investigation) and Charisma (Intimidation) checks. Additionally, you can leverage your fearsomeness to scare people into silence. Three times per day you may stare at a target within 20 feet and force them to make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw. On a failure, they become unable to speak for 1 hour and are unable to cast spells that require a verbal component. If the target succeeds on their save, you cannot try to quiet them until a day has passed.

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