Saturday Potpourri – The Schadenfreudig Monk (Monk Archetype)

Schadenfreudig Monk

It is natural to derive pleasure from seeing our enemies fall. It may be petty, but who among us has not felt a sense of self-satisfaction from witnessing the failure and humiliation of a rival?  We call this experience of gloating schadenfreude. The schadenfreudig monk embodies this concept in its fullest expression. He derives power from the misfortunes of his enemies.

The schadenfreudig monk is an archetype of the monk class.

Joyous Calamity

At 1st level, the schadenfreudig monk learns to capitalize on his enemies mistakes. If an enemy making a melee attack against the rolls a natural 1, the monk automatically confirms the next critical hit he scores against that enemy.

This ability replaces the monk’s 1st level bonus feat.

Vindictive Surge

At 2nd level, when an adjacent enemy that has wounded the schadenfreudig monk in the last 5 rounds fails a save or misses an attack by 10 points or more, the monk gains one extra attack against that enemy on his next turn at his highest BAB.

This ability replaces evasion.

Smug Satisfaction

At 3rd level, the schadenfreudig monk gains inspiration when he vanquishes his enemies. Whenever he deals a killing blow to an enemy, he gains a morale bonus to his attacks and damage equal to his Wisdom modifier (minimum 1) until the end of his next turn.

This ability replace still mind.

Kick ‘Em While They’re Down

At 5th level, if an enemy is knocked prone adjacent to the schadenfreudig monk, he may expend an attack of opportunity to make an unarmed strike against the enemy, in the form of a kick at his highest BAB. Additionally, the schadenfreudig monk gains one extra unarmed attack against a prone enemy the first round in which he makes a full round attack against that enemy.

This ability replaces high jump.

Psychic Compensation

At 7th level, when the schadenfreudig monk is in melee combat with an enemy of greater hit dice than him, he gains a dodge bonus equal to the difference in hit dice (maximum +4).

This ability replaces wholeness of body.

Sweet Surrender

At 9th level, the schadenfreudig monk gains particular joy from the submission of his enemies. Once per day, if an enemy surrenders to the monk in the course of a battle, the monk gains a +4 bonus to the physical ability of his choice for a number of hours equal to his Wisdom modifier. The schadenfreudig monk must accept the surrender of any enemy that is not chaotic evil.

This ability replaces improved evasion.

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