Saturday Potpourri – The Exterminator (Rogue Archetype)

Exterminator (Rogue Archetype)

The rich and powerful acquire rivals along with their riches. Rivals sometimes become enemies. The richest men cannot be seen to lift a blade against his enemies. It’s bad for business. He must hire an assassin. For the exterminator, killing is strictly business. He’ll kill anyone, for the right price. 

The exterminator is an archetype of the rogue class.


Alignment: The exterminator must be of evil alignment.


Shadowy Movements

The exterminator is a master of subterfuge and evasion. He adds half his level to Disguise and Stealth checks.

This ability replaces trapfinding.

Poison Expert

In place of his rogue talent, the exterminator may select a feat that focuses on the use or crafting of poison. He must meet all prerequisites in order to select these feats.

This ability alters rogue talent.

Poison Use

At 2nd level, the exterminator must select poison use as his 2nd level rogue talent.

This ability alters rogue talent.

Immobilize Victim

At 2nd level, the exterminator gains the Improved Grapple feat, even if he does not have the normal prerequisites.

This ability replaces evasion.

Quick Draw

At 3rd level, the exterminator gains the Quick Draw feat. Additionally, he adds half his levels to his Sleight of Hand checks.

This ability replaces danger sense.

Grab and Stab

At 4th level, the exterminator applies sneak attack damage to attacks made against enemies he is grappling

This ability replaces debilitating injury.

Muffled Assault

At 5th level, the exterminator learns to muffle the cries of his victims while grappling them. Upon a successful grapple attempt, the exterminator covers the mouth of his victim, preventing them from vocalizing for one round. During the round, the victim cannot call for help, cast a spell with a verbal component or verbally command a summoned creature or companion. 

This ability replaces uncanny dodge.

Fatal Injection

At 8th level, the exterminator learns to maximize the effectiveness of his poisons. As a swift action, the exterminator can apply one of two effects to his poisoned attacks for one round. First, he may maximize the damage done by his poison. Second, he may force any enemy struck by his poisoned weapons to roll 2 savings throws. The stricken enemy must take the lower of the two rolls. The exterminator must choose to use fatal injection before attacking. He may use fatal injection a number of times per day equal to his Intelligence modifier.

This ability replaces improved uncanny dodge.

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