Saturday Potpourri – Sacred Sage (Cleric Archetype)

Sacred Sage (Cleric Archetype)

It is said that the body is a temple, but the sacred sage would make a temple of the mind.  Through service and devotion, he seeks to become the living embodiment of his god’s will.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

A sacred sage is proficient with the club, dagger, heavy crossbow, light crossbow, and quarterstaff, but not with any type of armor or shield.

This replaces the cleric’s weapon and armor proficiencies.

Class Skills

A sacred sage adds Use Magic Device to his list of class skills.

Devout Acolyte

A sacred sage seeks to achieve complete reliance upon the powers granted him by his deity, eschewing the use of armor and shields.  A sacred sage who wears armor or uses a shield is unable to use his cleric domain powers, bonded holy symbol or cast cleric spells. Moreover, he does not follow the same rigorous regiment of martial training as other clerics.  A sacred sage’s base attack bonus from cleric levels is equal to half his class level (which is the same as for a sorcerer or wizard).

Bonded Holy Symbol (Su)

At 1st level, a sacred sage forms a powerful bond with a holy symbol of his deity, which functions identically to a wizard’s bonded object except it can be used to cast cleric and domain spells (instead of wizard spells). As with a wizard’s bonded item, a sacred sage can add additional magic abilities to his bonded holy symbol as if he had the required item creation feat (typically Craft Wondrous Item), provided he meets the feat’s level prerequisites.

Domain Spell Mastery

At 1st level, when a sacred sage chooses his cleric domains, he designates one as his primary domain and the other as his secondary domain.  He gains two domain spell slots for each level of cleric spell she can cast, from 1st on up. Each day, when he selects his spells, he fills one of these two domain spell slots with a spell from his primary domain’s spell list. For the second domain spell slot, a sacred sage selects from the spell list of a different domain granted by his deity. He may select this spell from his secondary domain or any other domain granted by his deity.  For example, a sacred sage with Glory as his primary domain and Good as his secondary domain can choose to gain access to the spell list of the Healing domain; until the next time he prepares spells, he uses the Healing domain spell list as his secondary domain spell list instead of the Good domain spell list, but still keeps the granted powers of the Good domain and does not gain the granted powers of the Healing domain.

This ability alters the normal domain ability.

Scribe Scroll

At 6th level, a sacred sage receives Scribe Scroll as a bonus feat.

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