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Today we meet the last member of Valor Incarnate; a group dedicated to doing the good and right thing. Every member is either Good or Lawful. That doesn’t mean they all agree though, but they listen to the boss. Today’s entry comes to you from the other side of the moon, relayed around 12 satellites, so we apologize for any interruptions.

Augustus is our final, hallowed member of Valor Incarnate, and he may be the most valorous of them all. A robed figure, tall and immense as all Vesk are, this blue scaled preacher has peculiar green around his eyes, and a golden crown of scales appear, like a hallow, atop his head. Augustus is a priest of the Bi-Une, a religion that believes in binary down to the smallest scale. Any question can be answered yes or no, it’s up to the asker to determine how the answer applies. So long as anyone has a truly 2 sided item they can ask the Bi-Une a question and get an answer. Should I drink this purple liquid? Flip a coin. Should I go down the left alley or the right? Roll a dice. Despite seeming like a Gamblers god, the Bi-Une is anything but. Augustus carries no traditional weapons, instead relying upon his Vesk savagery and junksword in situations where words and conversion have not been enough. Hows about a character sheet?

Augustus CR 6

Vesk technomancer 3 (priest)
L Medium humanoid (vesk)
Init +0; Perception +1


EAC 16; KAC 16
Fort +2; Ref +1; Will +4; +6 vs fear


Speed 30 ft.
Melee Headbutt +3 (1d3+5 B)
junksword +3 (1d4+5 B & P, block, reach)


Str 12; Dex 10; Con 12; Int 17; Wis 12; Cha 12
Feats Mystic Strike, Spell Focus, Spell Penetration.
Skills Computers +10, Engineering +9, Life Science +9, Mysticism +8, Physical Science +9, Piloting +5, Profession (Preacher) +7, Sleight of Hand +6.
Languages Common, computer/binary, Vesk
Gear Defrex hide with Tensile reinforcement, personal upgrade mkI (Intelligence), 4x serums of healing mkI


At-will (DC 14) Dancing lights, detect magic, energy ray, mending, telepathic message, transfer charge.
1st level (4 per day; DC 15) detect tech, identify, junksword, overheat.


Spell Cache

Augustus’ spell cache is so entwined within him you’d have to behead him to remove it. The yellow combs along the top of his head are his spell cache, as a constant reminder to think and transmit the technological tongue.

Robot Influence (Ex)

You can affect constructs, robots, and other creatures that have the technological subtype with your mind-affecting spells, even if they’re mindless or normally immune to such effects. However, they receive a +2 bonus to their Will saves against your mind-affecting spells.


Augustus has invited the technological tongue into his mind. So much so that Computers willing speak to him, and he hears accurate whispers about the spells being cast about him. He gains +1 on Computers and Mysticism checks.

Rachael didn’t find Augustus, the Bi-Une found her, and through Augustus makes the worlds a safer place. Reduced to begging at an interstellar spaceport Rachael encountered a Vesk in tattered robes, offering some credits in pity. When the Vesk flipped a coin, one side black, the other white, before announcing that they would not accept the creds Rachael was intrigued. They began talking and it became apparent instantly that having a holy person on the group would help mollify authorities, as well as provide an extra angle for their investigations. Ever sensible Rachael isn’t one to ask a coin-flip for help, but being methodical she’s not above asking from every avenue possible. Augustus and Clives get along famously for being in the same sort of religion: computers. Though Clives believes words are better than half and half chances, and Augustus “knows” what the power of the Bi-Une truly is, they rarely argue and never for long. Augustus feels as though he’s at a balance with Matchbox. Just as quickly as the mouse barrels into brutal, heavy-fisted combat, Augustus can be found on the outskirts of combat, delivering spells where needed, while also totally capable of defending himself in tight corners. “I have your tail, and you have my face,” Augustus explained it one day to Matchbox. “Sounds about right,” the ysoki agreed.

While Augustus doesn’t know precisely what the Bi-Une has in store for him, and why he was placed directly into Rachael Goldebarrel’s path, he believes in the simplicity of the Bi-Une, and enjoys a religion that is constantly on hand and always answers. It made a difference from all the other cults he’s been in. He was so impressed with the Bi-Une that he took up the Technomancer cowl, and scored his head combs yellow in an imitation of saints from yesteryear, legendary people known as “clar-icks” that helped save people. And just their own people, but whoever needed saving! Rachael Goldebarrel has no doubt the Technomancer was sent to help her in her missions, to pay off the golden barrel quicker, and retrieve the use of her own hand. After such a time she knows there’ll be a God to meet, in thanks, and that the Bi-Une itself will likely appear to her and explain why it helped, and what she’s needed for, now that she has her true skills again. She keeps this knowledge to herself, and not even Clives has gleaned it.

Augustus had two names, but upon taking his cowl destroyed his first name, scouring it from history. In keeping with the binary tradition he wanted either one or zero names, and being called “blank” wasn’t very heroic or memorable.

And that’s a wrap for Valor Incarnate! What do you think? Is Matchbox the only really good one of the lot? Are the rest Lawful but only to whoever pays the most? Would you trust them to do a job? Join us next time when we meet the newest group, and they’re a firecracker. They’re level six, for starters, so that means they get the secondary benefit from their themes. They also get their first ability pump, so we’re going to see some very strong cookies. Oh, wait, what’s their name? What’s their theme? How could I forget? You’ll be meeting “Devil’s Advocate” next issue, the most charismatic group you’ll see in this entire series. Not evil, no, but they don’t mind what happens to those around them, and they’re all charismatic builds of the nonCharisma classes. So you won’t get an Envoy or Solarion, but how charming a Soldier, Mystic, Operative, Technomancer, and Mechanic do you want?

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