Creative Characters (Starfinder): Boom-Box, Street Vesk

Welcome again intrepid space hero to Creative Characters for Starfinder! Today we’re kicking off a new group, and they’re all charmers. Each one of them is a Charisma build of the five classes that don’t care about Charisma, being the Mechanic, Mystic, Operative, Soldier, and Techomancer.

Creative Characters is designed to give you characters you can drag and drop into your game. If you need a character pronto, you can use these guys! We also have two previous groups, being Fortune’s Heist (all level 1 characters who work together as a group) as well as Valor Incarnate (a group that would probably be in jail, if they weren’t employed directly in keeping the law). The group we meet today are simply known as The Charmers, and wouldn’t you know they’re just the nicest damn group I ever did meet?

First off the block is Boom-box. He’s a sweet kid, only 7 foot 2, and covered in green scales, but he really digs music, dancing and street culture. He’s also a natural fighter, having been raised on the streets by his brother (parents missing since before he can remember). He also carries around a very special music player, which looks like a Vesk LyteDisc player, until he picks it up and you realize it’s a Maze-core enhanced fangblade, too. How about a sheet?


Vesk soldier 6 (icon)
CG Medium humanoid (vesk)
Init +0; Perception +0, low-light vision.


EAC 21; KAC 23
Fort +8; Ref +2; Will +5; +7 vs Fear


Speed 25 ft
Melee +10 “Boomhammer” (1d12+12 B, bleed 1d8)
+10 Kneecap to the head (1d3+15 B)
+10 Screamer grenade I (1d10 So, deafened, 15ft)
Ranged +6 AG Assault rifle (1d8+6 P, automatic)


Str 18; Dex 10; Con 16; Int 10; Wis 10; Cha 18
Feats Adaptive fighting, cleave, close combat, coordinated shot, deadly aim, enhanced resistance.
Skills Acrobatics +3, Athletics +14, Bluff +7, Diplomacy +7, Engineering +4, Intimidate +13, Medicine +4, Piloting +4, Profession (street dancer) +8, Survival +4.
Languages Common, Vesk, Skittermander, nadsat
Gear AG Assault rifle, 25 rounds, personal upgrade (mkI Charisma), the “Boomhammer” (as Fangblade but bludgeoning damage), Golemforged plating III, 2x Screamer grenades I.


Primary fighting style

Boom-box specializes in the Bombard fighting style, as detailed below.

Grenade expert

You increase the range increment of your thrown grenades by 5 × your Strength bonus (in this case +20 ft). In addition, you’re able to salvage enough materials to create a grenade without paying for it. Creating a grenade takes 10 minutes. You can create any grenade whose item level is less than or equal to your soldier level, but this grenade is unstable and only you can use it effectively. If anyone else tries to use the grenade, it is a dud. You can have only one grenade created by this ability at one time (if you create a new grenade using this ability, the old grenade no longer works).

Heavy fire

You can use your physical power to steady your weapon and make your attacks more dangerous. As a full action, you can make a single ranged attack that deals additional damage equal to your Strength bonus to all targets. You can use this ability in conjunction with the automatic, explode, or unwieldy special property. In this case, Boom-box can use Heavy fire with his AG Assault Rifle, even when using the “automatic” mode, dealing 1d8+16!

Gear boost

Melee striker: Boom-box adds half his Strength bonus again to any melee damage he deals (already incorporated in the above stats).

Armor Savant

A Vesk wearing armor gets an additional +1 to AC.


Vesk get +2 to saves against Fear effects.

Boom-box and friends started out together as a means of showing off to the show-offs. Everyone knows an Envoy is the face of the group. And Soldiers are tired of hearing about a Solarians “mystical connection to the universe”. So this group of five individuals, all relatively dapper in their own ways, and certainly within their own professions, decided to get together and prove you can be charming no matter what your role. And thus The Charmers was born.

Boom-box, real name Petey Slink, joined along with his brother as members 3 and 4 of the group. The leader is the Technomantic mastermind Clayton Forcecore. Clayton was contemplating his business one day and had the amazing revelation that despite doing a worse job his inferiors were getting more offers. How could this be? And so the Technomancer geared up his own charisma (a technological personal upgrade, no doubt) and began applying around bars, the streets, other businesses, for a complete team sans the “faces”. Voila! His second in command Goblin was the pint-sized Suzetta Biretta, who we’ll see more of next week. The guttersnipe turned Operative was a beggar but managed to have her own room, car, food, and followers, so you can see how Clayton was impressed.

Boom-box and his brother (Treadz) were both found in a street fight, dealing with the cops when they showed up. Despite both gangs being taken in, and all weapons and devices being confiscated, Boom-box and his brother managed to convince the authorities that they had nothing to do with it, were innocent bystanders on their way to Vesk-church. It helped that the authority figure in question had never heard of Vesk-church, and not wanting to potentially offend anyone had given the brothers the benefit of the doubt. Clayton saw all this and knew he had to approach them.

Boom-box’s pride and joy is his Boomhammer, a Maze-core item originally. It was a swoop hammer that converted into a Vesk lyteDisc player, but it got broken and now is in a constant mix of both, so everywhere Boom-box goes he has music and a weapon, so he’s happy. His second most prized position is his AG Assault Rifle, which he “won” from an armed guard one night when his local hangout was being raided. Boom-box waited until his friends had been tied up, and the guard thought they had caught a group of hoodlums, before jumping from his hiding spot in the roof. Boom-box brought the Boomhammer down square on the guard’s head. His mates cheered as the guard was knocked out, and Freddie Mercury’s “Another one bites the dust” started up. He’s also started his own record company, but so far every CD he makes turns into an explosion of sound (the Screamer Grenade I’s), which are having as much impact as he’d hoped.

Join me next week we meet the Envoy–UM–Operative Goblin Suzetta Biretta.


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