Creative Characters (Starfinder): Starza Nyten

Hullo once more to Creative Characters for Starfinder! Today I’m broadcasting from deep within a purple moon. The troubles of the last article are long gone, as the moon worm got sick and vomited everybody off-planet. Lucky break!

In this series, we are slowly introducing you to groups of 5 characters who work together and share a theme. We were being introduced to the group Valor Incarnate, a steadfast group of individuals who either followed the law for the purpose of structure, or were good at heart and wouldn’t think twice about saving a baby in a runaway pram. Feel free to drag and drop these characters into your own game. Need a villain? Had an extra player show up? Accidentally killed a PC? We’re the site you’re looking for! We met the boss of Valor Incarnate last issue, Rachael Goldebarrel, but now we’re meeting the face of the group, Starza Nyten.

Starza heralds from the Kasatha homeworld, wears black and red leather racing gear constantly, and always does things by fours. When she’s saving the day it’s only so she can get back to her race car, sky cycle, streamlined racing bus and peddle-copter quicker than if she tried to evade work. Like any good Kasatha Starza uses all four arms when racing, fighting and pounding unrighteous face into the asphalt. How about a character sheet?

Kasatha operative 3 (ace pilot)
G Medium humanoid (kasatha)
Init +6; Perception +7


EAC 16; KAC 16
Fort +1; Ref +7; Will +4


Speed 40 ft, swim 30ft, climb 30ft
Melee survival knife +6 (1d4+3 S) and tactical sword cane +6 (1d4+3 P, [1d3 bleed])
Ranged azimuth laser pistol +6 (1d4+1 F) and tactical semi-auto pistol +6 (1d6+1 P)


Str 15; Dex 18; Con 10; Int 08; Wis 12; Cha 12
Feats MobilityMulti-Weapon FightingSkill Focus (Athletics) and (Acrobatics)
Skills Acrobatics +16, Athletics +14, Bluff +7, Disguise +7, Engineering +5, Intimidate +9, Medicine +7, Piloting +13, Sense Motive +7, Sleight of Hand +10, Stealth +12, Survival +9.
Languages Common, Kasatha
Gear reckless gloves, resilient jacket, personal upgrade (dex) mk I, Z diffractor I armor, azimuth laser pistol, tactical semi-auto pistol, tactical sword cane, survival knife, 1x serum of healing mk I, 95 creds walking around money


Operative specialization Daredevil; evasion; trick attack +1d8, Starza can use Acrobatics to perform trick attacks; operative exploit: Uncanny pilot.

Desert Stride

Kasathas can move through nonmagical difficult terrain in deserts, hills, and mountains at their normal speed.


Kasathas have four arms, which allows them to wield and hold up to four hands’ worth of weapons and equipment. While their multiple arms increase the number of items they can have at the ready, it doesn’t increase the number of attacks they can make during combat.


Due to their in-depth historical training and the wide-ranging academic background knowledge they possess, kasathas receive a +2 racial bonus to Culture checks.

Natural Grace

Kasathas receive a +2 racial bonus to Acrobatics and Athletics checks.

Starza relishes anything that gets her blood going. Chili for breakfast. Gunfights. Racing at breakneck speeds just to test out the new engine she put into her motorcycle (it’s designed for an interplanetary 4×4, but she doesn’t mind). She carries a black and white checkered flag with her most places, but that’s how she’s always armed. With a slight click the flag drops off and you’ve got a sword cane, thank you very much, and now you’ll be apologizing for being so rude. In addition, she wears reckless gloves and a resilient jacket made from the infamous mountain eel, which of course she killed herself. 

All of this hotheadedness goes out the window however the second there’s an innocent in trouble, like a child or elderly being. Starza is quick to the far end of thrills but isn’t crazy — when it’s job time she never runs off with without first consulting with Rachael, even if it’s just a glance over the shoulder before she speeds off on a stolen bike. Rachael can’t condone the action, but she knows Starza’s inner heart, and that she’ll return the bike, refueled and probably modded “just a little” as thanks to whoever owns it. If Rachael flat out said “No!” she would listen, but Rachael wants the job done more than she wants to be correct in everything.

As the face of the group, Starza can get from here to there in a second and has no trouble adding flips and spins to her attacks to throw her enemies off center so she can deliver her deadly trick attack. Climbing walls and gliding through water like a penguin are no trouble, and quite often you’ll find the young upstarts on the street marveling at Starza’s effortless ability to keep up with them. “But I’ve even got four arms,” she explains exasperated. “How can I even fall?”

In combat, she’s always wielding all four of her weapons and fluidly moves from ranged shots into close combat swirls and twirls of her blade and sword-cane. She gets along well with Matchbox, and the two often have bets (in secret) at the start of the day as to who’s gonna catch more baddies that day. There’s a bit of leeway for “assists” but it’s all fun anyway, and the winner has to buy the loser a drink and do ten push-ups with the winner on their back.

She isn’t as fond of Clives and Augustus, the Envoy and Technomancer of the group, but she will admit someone has to do the jobs (there’s very few) that she can’t. Clives, an SRO, deals with all the Diplomatic stuff that stifles Starza’s pure hot boiling blood, and Augustus, a Vesk, can get through to a computer, another part of reality that just doesn’t agree with Starza. The general populace seems to agree, as fans of her racing career will greet her warmly in the street, and she’s even got her choice of what products to endorse. More than that her good reputation has even lead to some crooks handing themselves in when they saw it was her coming after them — first off because it was an honor to meet her, and second because all their friends would be jealous. She accepts it all with a smile, but cross the line between good and evil, or occasionally whatever Rachael says is the law, and she’ll be tracking you down within a heartbeat, fan or otherwise.

Join me next week when we meet Clives, the SRO who can talk a million languages but isn’t an expert in human-cyborg relationships. Uh, what a boring job. I mean honestly, if you can’t figure out how a computer works by now…


P.S. Do you call that job satisfaction? Because Clives doesn’t…

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