Creative Characters (Starfinder) Bazaar Longshot, Cultist Ysoki Gunslinger

Welcome once again to Creative Characters for Starfinder! Today we meet the last (and craziest) member of the team, Bazaar Longshot. He’s the fifth member of the group known simply as Fortune’s Heist, and he’s a specialty within an already specialized group – a gunslinger.

Next week we start on a new group as well, known as Valor Incarnate. These new characters we’ll get to next issue, but I can tell you they’re all going to be Level 3, and either Lawful or Good. Back to the rat first though.

Bazaar Longshot CR 1

Bazaar Longshot, as he’s known to everyone, is a mystical upstart. And not in the same way that Jurgen is a mystical soldier who listens to the stars and lets them lead his life. Bazaar comes from a deep and spiced mix of history, more corrupt than Jefff’s, more illicit than Clara Skullstingers, and less believable than all other members of the group combined. When asked for questioning the ysoki never answers, but when asked to keep quiet he spouts all manner of unhinged crackpot ideas that, while seemingly random, always tweak the nerves of those around him. Clara once thought to herself “I could really go for a fish and chips lunch,” one day, and Bazaar responded “Nah, I don’t like fish,” without having heard a word aloud or being spoken to.

Despite his unnerving demeanor, his skill with a gun is unmatched. You want a bug shot against the wall but not harmed, Bazaar could achieve that. You want a can scooted along the ground, opened so that it pours a drink while it flies through the air and lands on its bottom? Bazaar’s your rat. Enough about his skills, how about his sheet?

Ysoki gunslinger 1 (cultist)
CN Small humanoid (ysoki)
Init +4; Perception +4


EAC 15; KAC 16
Fort +2; Ref +7; Will +2


Speed 30 ft.
Melee survival knife +5 (1d4-1 P)
Ranged hunting rifle +3 (1d8 P) or scattergun, utility +1 (1d4 P) or needler pistol +5 (1d4 P)

Gunslinger Abilities

Scavenger’s Aim Bazaar can fire off attacks nearly at random, making it very difficult for foes to predict where he is shooting and thus not know how to avoid his fire. As long as Bazaar has two or more foes that are currently legitimate targets of a small arm or longarm he is making an attack with, as a standard action Bazaar may determine which one he attacks at random. Bazaar gains a +1 bonus to the attack roll and expends twice the normal usage for your weapon. If Bazaar cannot expend twice the normal usage, he cannot use this ability.

Blatherskite’s Stagger When a ranged attack would normally miss Bazaar, Bazaar can choose to allow it to hit him instead and dramatically stagger a few steps backward, moving up to 10 feet directly away from the attacker. This movement provokes attacks of opportunity as normal and is not considered an action. The attack deals the minimum amount of damage (as though the attacker had rolled a natural 1 on each damage die). At 2nd level, if a ranged attack hits him but the attack roll exceeds his AC by no more than his key ability score bonus, as an immediate action Bazaar can choose to take the minimum amount of damage and move up to 10 feet directly away from the attacker. This movement provokes attacks of opportunity as normal. Once Bazaar uses this ability this way it is expended, and he cannot normally use it again until Bazaar spends 1 Resolve Point to regain Stamina Points after taking a 10-minute break or he regains your daily abilities. However, Bazaar can use this ability even when it is expended by spending 1 Resolve Point to do so.


Str 9; Dex 18; Con 14; Int 12; Wis 10; Cha 10
Feats Far Shot
Skills Acrobatics +8, Bluff +4, Engineering +3, Intimidate +4, Sleight of Hand +8, Stealth +10, Survival +2
Languages Common, Ysoki, Kasatha
Gear Second skin I, survival knife, hunting rifle, utility scattergun, needler pistol, frag grenade I, smoke grenade I,


Cheek Pouches

Ysoki can store up to 1 cubic foot of items weighing up to 1 bulk in total in their cheek pouches, and they can transfer a single object between hand and cheek as a swift action. An ysoki can disgorge the entire contents of his pouch onto the ground in his square as a move action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity.


Ysoki can see up to 60 feet in the dark.


Ysoki are scrappy and nimble even when the odds are against them. An ysoki can stand from prone as a swift action. Additionally, when off-kilter, a ysoki does not take the normal penalties to attacks or gain the flat-footed condition. When attempting an Acrobatics check to tumble through the space of an opponent at least one size category larger than himself, an ysoki receive a +5 racial bonus to the check.


Ysoki receive a +2 racial bonus to Engineering, Stealth, and Survival checks.


The story of how Bazaar joined the gang changes based on who you ask. Jefff swears he saw talent and not a loaded scattergun in his face. Jurgen knows it was the stars sending extra firepower his way. Clara thinks that Bazaar owes Jefff his life somehow, unfortunately, while Tech-Ward is glad to have the Ysoki on the side, seeing they both really enjoy technology, even if half the conversation is guns and the other half computers. Tech-Ward wishes he would change his name to Tech-Rat, but the ysoki never responds to that suggestion.

In reality, Bazaar Longshot wanted a job, walked up to the first “rich lookin’ fella” he saw and demanded a job. To prove his skills he then threw the person’s meal into the air, blew it to pieces with his scattergun and kept a large piece of space-chicken in the air with 5 further shots, before the security guards were abruptly alerted, and the rich lookin’ fella long since gone. In the fight that occurred afterward Jefff helped Bazaar escape, despite not knowing the rat from a stranger. “Are you okay?” Jefff asked. “Do you have any money?” the ysoki responded. Puzzled, but comically intrigued, Jefff offered a job on the spot, mightily impressed with the skills of the rat, but he did mentally note that he’d have to teach him when to put his skills on display.

And that wraps it up for Fortune’s Heist! What do you think? Are the group balanced enough to pull off any heist, or are they just teetering on the edge of bad luck, doomed to fail any second?

Join me next week when we meet the first member of the group Valor Incarnate: Rachael Goldebarrel.


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