Creative Characters (Starfinder): Jurgen Bernhart, Dream Prophet Soldier

Welcome readers to the new look, all fantastic, Creative Characters for Starfinder! Inside you will find amazing characters built for character, not optimized for combat. Yes, you will see what an all-out pilot looks like! Marvel at the tremendous arrangement of magical soldiers! The question is whether the author should have made THAT character in particular…

Ahem. Welcome dear reader to the first issue of my new column. The aim is simple: to create character groups from a top-down design, with one purpose in mind. Only one character doesn’t make a group! So each character will belong to a bigger group of 5, with some thematic link to one another. I love adventures in space, and the best adventures for getting to know your fellow players and GM is a good old heist. So this first group I’m introducing you to are known as Fortune’s Heist because they’ve so far been successful (in their heists and avoiding the law).

As a player, you’re free to use these characters as-is, but be forewarned they aren’t maxed out for combat readiness. If you love a session where you almost never roll a die then you should be quite happy. As a GM, feel free to take these characters as pre-generated PCs if you feel like a pick-up game or take an individual without their group for a random NPC. Everything works!

Last article I promised to introduce to you Jurgen Hartbern, the dream prophet soldier. What does that mean? We’ll have a look over his stats first.

Jurgen Hartbern CR 5

Dwarf soldier 1 (dream prophet)
CN Medium humanoid (dwarf)
Init +0; Senses darkvision; Perception +1


SP 9 HP 13 RP 4
EAC 12; KAC 15
Fort +4; Ref +0; Will +3


Speed 20 ft.
Melee hammer fist +4 (1d4+4 B) +4 longsword (1d8+3 S)
Ranged +1 hunting rifle (1d8 P)
Offensive Abilities armor storm, hammer fist


Str 16; Dex 10; Con 14; Int 10; Wis 13; Cha 10
Feats Close Combat
Skills Intimidate +4, Mysticism +5, Profession (bodyguard) +5, Survival +5 (+9 orienteering)
Languages Common, Dwarf
Gear hunting rifle,  longsword, golemforged plating 1, 2x serum of healing mk1, navigator’s toolkit, 15 creds


Hammer Fist

Jurgen deals damage with unarmed strikes equal to a battle glove of his level or lower, with the Melee Striker boost. This is reflected in the attack stats above.


Dream prophets can read the stars, whirls of space and other cosmic phenomena to peer into the future. Jurgen wasn’t much interested in life until his local town was attacked en mass by a vesk war machine. Struck in the head that day, and left for dead, our heroic Dwarf came to some hours later with a simple and clear message in mind. Find and kill the vesk. The problem was he forgot everything else about himself and turned to stargazing for the answer. That way he didn’t have to rely on anyone, and who could possibly know more than the universe itself?

Jurgen, in his travels, came across Tech-ward and Jefff “triple F”, and the stars agreed. While active searching would find the vesk, it’s better to be the spider who waits in their intricate web for the fly to appear. Jurgen joined the group to “hide in plain sight”, in the hopes that one day the vesk might even approach the group and ask for their skills. The stars have let Jurgen know that on that day, one of them will die. The stars forgot to tell him WHO, but he’s okay with that.

Jurgen trusts the stoic and passive faced android “Tech-ward” almost to a fault, feeling that Tech-wards cold face matches the often cold replies of space. Jefff offered Jurgen a job as a bodyguard, but the two hit it off so well that Jurgen was hired as a regular member of the team, bodyguard becoming a fall back job.

Jurgen doesn’t associate very well with the remaining 2 members of the group Fortune’s Heist, and as such he speaks to them (and of them) sparingly. In the midst of combat he wouldn’t hesitate to provide cover or dive in to combat to save them, but socially he makes an effort to even forget their names, referring to them simply as “You, elf!” or “you with the gun!”

But that’s just how Jurgen rolls. What do you think? Are you interested in running a space-eyed soldier, capable of good damage if he can ever keep his mind in the present? Look forward and tell me whether you can see a problem arising in the future for Jurgen and co, especially seeing he doesn’t even talk to the whole group! That’s good old dwarven stubbornness for you.

Join me next time when I introduce you to Jurgen’s boss, Jefff “Triple F” Starclaimer. He’s a human with a twisted history and plenty of reasons to have the highest Bluff score you’ll see this side of an “honest” amusement park game. We’ll also meet Tech-ward before long, as well as members four and five of the group. Clara Skullsting “The elf” operative, and Bazaar Longshot, the ysoki gunfighter, or “You with the gun!”


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