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This week we take a look at Everyman Minis: Festive Options!

Publisher: Rogue Genius Games

Author: Luis Loza (according to the text – according to the setup it’s Alexander Augunas)

Cover Artist: Jacob E. Blackmon

System: Pathfinder

Page count: 7 ( 1 page cover, 1 page credits, 1 page introduction to Everyman Minis, 2 page content, 2 page OGL and back cover)

Right, so let’s look at the cover first. As you’d expect this shows a festive scene (certainly looks like the Christmas holidays to me), with a bunch of characters getting presents. Decent enough cover, though I’m not a great fan of the art style. In and off itself though, it’s a good piece and it gets the mood across.
But let’s skip to the contents.
First off, I have to say that having only 2 page content, of a 7-page product rather irks me. It’s something I’ve mentioned in other reviews, it’s simply that there’s not enough content to the actual page count, which feels like you’re buying empty filler.
The content itself gives us 2 new Animal Companion feets, which are, suitably enough, themed for having reindeer take flight and give them a glow. Certainly appropriate for the PC or NPC who wants to take on the role of Saint Nick.

Then we have a bardic masterpiece, that’s also based on real-world references, which feels appropriate for the occasion in that it soothes negative emotions, giving a second saving throw on them. Just the sort of thing you’d expect a Christmas Carol to do.

Next is a new Cavalier Order, called the Order of Charity. And while this is less festive than some of the others, I REALLY like this one, and it’s getting put in with the normal cavalier orders for my own campaigns. It astounds me that one of the knightly virtues had been passed over until now, and it’s just so fitting for the class. It’s getting added to my normal campaign choices for cavaliers.

Then there are 4 magic items, all of which feel like they would be something that Saint Nick could use, with the rooftop treads (I’m expecting to see them on a rogue soon), to especially stand out. All of them fit the theme, however, though only the rooftop treads and warmbelly tonic standing out in my opinion. (I can see some people getting a use out of the cowl of guidance though).

Finally, there are 2 sacred implements, the cleansing diya and the menorah of manifold lights. They’re OK, and they fit the theme, but I don’ think they stand out quite as well as some of the other stuff in this book.

And so we come to the conclusion:
The elephant in the room is still the fact that it’s only 2 pages of content. That is really irksome, especially at $2.95 – the quality of the product itself does drag it up, especially that cavalier order. I’ll admit that if that order hadn’t been included, I’d have only ranked this a 3-star book considering the price. But since it DID have that order it’s a 4-star. If the book had another entry of that quality or it had been 1-2 pages longer for the price, I’d have been seriously considering giving it 5-stars.

Nice work Luis (or Alexander? – you should probably clear that up) – PLEASE write more for the cavalier, if this is the kind of stuff you intend to give it.

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