Machine Ghost Template (+1 CR)

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Please note that this monster was created by Kevin Bryan, who’ll be posting these himself in the future. 🙂

Creating a Machine Ghost

Machine ghost” is an acquired template that can be added to any creature with the ghost template. A machine ghost retains all abilities except as noted here.

CR +1

Defensive Abilities The creature’s rejuvenation ability is instead replaced by catastrophic rejuvenation.

Catastrophic Rejuvenation (Su)

Machine ghosts are difficult to destroy; the ‘destroyed’ spirit restores itself in 2d4 days. The only way to permanently destroy a machine ghost is to put it to rest. The machine that caused the ghost’s death must be repaired to full functionality. If the machine is too destroyed to be repaired, a piece of it must instead be used to make a new fully functional machine, only then does the machine ghost find peace.

Speed A machine ghost retains the flight speed of the base ghost but also gains limited starflight..

Special Attacks The machine ghost retains all special attacks of the base creature, but all those relying on touch no longer function. The machine ghost adds the following special attacks to the list of possible abilities. All machine ghosts get calamity touch, this ability replaces the ghost’s corrupting touch. The machine ghost gains an additional ability from the list below, or from the ghost special attack list for every 3 CR above 3. The save DC for a machine ghost’s special attack is equal to 10 + 1/2 machine ghost’s HD + the machine ghost’s Charisma modifier.

Calamity Touch (Su)

Bypassing part of its incorporeal body through an object the machine ghost can attempt a touch attack as a standard action. The machine ghost inflicts a number of d6s equal to its CR as a standard action, this damage manifests as supernatural aging to the object and bypasses all hardness except for adamantine. Any object reduced to half health not only gains the broken condition but also permanently gains the Timeworn Technology quality.

Haywire Moan (Su)

The machine ghost can emit a static-filled distorted moan as a standard action. All constructs within a 30-foot radius must succeed on a will save or become confused for 2d4 rounds. This is a mind-affecting ability that works on constructs normally immune to mind-affecting abilities and those who are mindless.

Limited Starflight (Ex)

Machine ghosts can survive in the void of outer space, and allowing it to use its fly speed in outer space. Unlike full starflight (like that of the mi-go), a machinge ghost’s ability to fly in outer space does not allow it to reach unusual speeds. When it wishes to fly to another world, the creature relies entirely upon its immortality and patience to complete the journey.

Shatter (Su)

The machine ghost can use shatter as a standard action once every 1d4 rounds (caster level 10th or the machine ghost’s HD, whichever is higher).

Possess Machine (Su)

Once per round the machine ghost can merge its body with a machine on the material plane. This ability is similar to possess object (caster level 10th or the machine ghost’s HD whichever is higher). The machine ghost does not require a receptacle. A machine ghost can possess any object or construct with moving parts up to its size limit. All machine ghosts can possess a machine up to Huge size. Machine ghosts of 16 HD or more can possess a machine up to Gargantuan size. A machine ghost can only attempt to possess a given machine once per day.In addition to the usual abilities of an animated object, the machine ghost can activate or deactivate any of the machine’s abilities as a full round action. The machine ghost can select new targets for a machine’s abilities upon activation.Machines possessed are valid targets against any spell that protects against possession, even those that normally only target creatures.

Discordant Jamming (Su)

As a standard action a machine ghost can touch an inter-vessel communication system or a heads-up display unit, or other technological or magical communication device to fill the communication channels with a mixture of static and violent screaming, as well as repeated visuals of both the machine ghost’s death and the crew’s own impending demise.Discordant Jamming blocks all conventional uses of the devices for the turn and does 2d10 damage and 1d4 charisma (fortitude negates) damage to all creatures using the devices. If the device’s interface is primarily visual, discordant jamming can be resisted as a gaze attack, if the device’s interface is primarily audio, this counts as a sonic effect.

With advanced and complex technology comes increasing possibilities for an early demise. When someone is deliberately killed by a weapon, it is clear who is responsible for their death. Such deliberate killings often result in more traditional hauntings. But with more advanced machinery, individuals can be killed either through random calamity or through neglect. Lacking an individual to focus on or clearly blame, the ghosts that rise from these hauntings instead focus their hatred through the very machines that doomed them, intentionally bringing harm, and using these devices to spread suffering and death to the fortunate living who haven’t been maimed or killed by mechanical mayhem.

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