Write for OGN

Open Gaming Network Writer’s Guidelines

If you are interested in writing for OGN, please read on!

Submissions should be about (or for) an Open Game System* product, or about Open Gaming in general. Example game systems:

  • Traveller SRD
  • Swords and Wizardry SRD
  • 5th Edition SRD
  • Dungeon World SRD
  • 13th Age SRD
  • d20HeroSRD
  • The Modern Path SRD
  • d20PFSRD
  • 3.5e SRD
  • GumshoeSRD
  • FateCoreSRD
  • Starjammer SRD
  • OGN Articles
  • Submission Process…

    1. Create a Google Document here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0-IxjmMq9NMTnhja00yR0QtNzA
    2. Name the Doc “OGN Submission – <YOUR NAME>”
    3. Before forming a complete submission, enter 1-3 sentences describing the intended article.
    4. John Reyst (or a Managing Editor) should receive notification of your submission/pitch automatically but if you do not hear from anyone within 7 days of submitting the idea send an email to jreyst@gmail.com.
    5. If your pitch is approved, compose an article of *around* 2000 words. “Around” means, if you’re within a hundred or so that’s fine. Do not submit anything significantly more or less than that.
    6. John Reyst (or a Managing Editor) will review the submission to ensure grammatical correctness, appropriateness for intended audience, and for overall appeal. If your submission is accepted, the Google Doc will be moved from the Submissions folder to a separate Google Drive folder (not shared with the public) and you will be paid $20.00 USD via Paypal.

    Note: Submissions become the property of d20pfsrd.com Publishing and will be made available once published under either Creative Commons or Open Game License, depending on the type of submitted content.


    We are specifically looking for short-midlength content for or about OPEN (type) RPGs. A “short” article is about 500 words. A midlength article is up to 2000 words. Typical article types include:

    • Industry Info: We would love to cover a wider cross-section of the RPG industry than we currently do. This requires columnists familiar with publishers and games not normally covered in-depth here, or additional aspects of games we do already cover.
    • Reviews: Short, focused reviews of games, new and old. Reviews should discuss the good and the bad about games. Readers do not like overly glowing reviews that fail to address any negatives about a product, because they come off too much as marketing text, while overly negative reviews can come off as hit pieces. It is fine to dislike something or to like it, but your review should be a service to the reader and discuss the entire picture of the game.
    • Gaming News: This can cover a lot of ground as well, being anything from new releases to new companies, to new stores and conventions in the local area. Like with the profiles above, pitch your ideas to the editor and we can work out the approach.
    • Commentary: If you have specific thoughts on something about Open Gaming, or a game system available under an Open Gaming-type license, please pitch it to the editor.

    Short articles: OGN will not accept articles less than 500 words.

    Midlength articles: OGN pays a flat $20.00 for articles of word counts between 1500-2500.

    Payment is made via PayPal during the first 7 business days of the month following acceptance of the submitted content.

    Preference will be given to writers who are capable of ongoing work and who require minimal editing.